Monday, December 14, 2009

Anti Abortion Rally Why Is England So Morally Bankrupt?

Why is England so morally bankrupt? - anti abortion rally

I arrived here two years ago to find the states on holiday and decided that a job and raise a family and this country would have to be more or less the same.

But I'm here and I was surprised by the contempt, the task of basic moral values

They actually newspapers with topless women in the room next to the Times and Guardian, or whatever the reach of children

They show the nakedness of the terrestrial television

I havent seen or heard of a single demonstration against abortion in this country,

It has magnificent churches to worship Jesus, but people seem to only go to them at funerals or weddings

They have so many TV stars gay

Prostitution is ignored and allowed to develop

Hardly Christian stores. We have to go home much. There are almost no good Christian networks, based on children

In thinking about home schooling my children because of the lack of moral fiber.

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