Monday, December 14, 2009

Poems About Hair Weave Do You Like My Poem?(if Your Racist Or Whatever Please Don't Comment.)?

Do You Like My Poem?(if your racist or whatever please don't comment.)? - poems about hair weave

Big lips, big hips, big booty chips from potatoes
brown eyes, juicy thighs, hair cloth Sally Beauty Supplies
eatin Fried Chicken, Kool-Aid Drinkin making machine corn bread
Stereo is only mean a dream of what should be a black woman
Mama's baby, the father of tragedy, the ghetto mentality
Speaking of garbage, Walkin Street
I am black, but I do not
h0es pimpin, grill ice, on this page shows only strong emotions
weak raps, the dangers of drugs, TSD has enough money to buy Lip Chap
Saggin pants to his knees
Hustlin children to buy and sell trees
Children unattended
oh I wait, I forget to mention?
Stereo is like a dream mean, what is to be black.
but some of this is true ....
So how is it a stereo type?
We are simply labeled?
We felt
us the importance of the black
It is only to ask what you see
or I imagine it?
Perhaps the only black --
I mean, African-Americans, providing you with
What about the upper class has so much money AASS

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