Friday, December 25, 2009

Ice Skating Rinks In Atlanta Omni Hotel In Atlanta Georgia?

Omni Hotel in Atlanta Georgia? - ice skating rinks in atlanta

Is the Omni Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia
his skating yet?

In his hotel, when I was a child,

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cowboy_w... said...

No, it was closed 10 years ago. It used to be there Croft with the "World of Sid & Marty", but both are about 1982 and closed the place was filled with a very popular food court. Sorry! The hotel is not the best in the remain good. It is always nice, but the area is not very important during the night. Midtown is a better place to spend the night in a hotel.

But now there are many arenas at any time - for Atlanta, she is. About 7 or less in the Great Atlanta. The most beautiful is in Cobb County, near Town Center Mall

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