Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trailer Plates, Ontario Boat And Trailer Received For $0 - What Do I Do Now (Ontario)??

Boat and Trailer received for $0 - what do I do now (Ontario)?? - trailer plates, ontario

A family friend gave us his fishing boat and trailer issues older because they moved into an apartment and left no room for them. Indeed, our friend, we have a zero test, permission Ontario Green on the trailer, and that's all. The vessel was allowed because it will put a number in the trunk, but no other documents relating thereto. It is an old ship from the mid-80s and the trailer 1985th

My partner and I have never spoken to a boat and plan to sell it. Regarding licensing, I was told, contact Service Canada. To see the trailer, I agree with the Province of Ontario. We want to take the right steps to the point where the boat can not sell, receive for each day - the problem is that we sell no idea of values or measures to the boat to have. Do I get a new plate of the trailer? When I sell it, we need to create a contract separately from the boat and trailer?
Thank you in advance ....

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