Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wedding Program Examples Of Thank You Section Wedding Program Wording - He Is, She Is...?

Wedding program wording - he is, she is...? - wedding program examples of thank you section

I try to reach an eloquent poem for the cover of my program. I saw the "basketball player is great, within walking distance is a girly girl. She remembers always avoid your vitamins, it tries to. ETC. Etc., etc.. Today, there are stories about a" Book II of the problems in meeting some other nice and I am looking for examples that have used others. I think I've used it and to save the date invitations.
Any help would be very grateful! I have little time and I want to use this idea for the program.
Thank you!

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Vashti said...

If you have a friend who is creative and have good coming up with silly rhymes that would do the person.

~ V

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