Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Celtic Dance World Would You Walk In The Darkness?

Would you walk in the darkness? - celtic dance world

Would you walk in the darkness
as a city street full of calling home
the smell of a rabid dog remains in severity
Yeast or press ", and chromium oxides
This plate, a hub cap, in the dinner
when someone threw a penny
sad song on his breath, if they happen

A cigarette butt thrown offers comfort
in the shadow of the shadow of leather neon shadow
a fetus of society, many people want to stop
Gasoline in the bathroom of a disgruntled Sade
Referring to the bitter taste of thyme mother dead
Sacrifice of a better world for the moment
but more by social class?

Would you walk in the darkness
You will see the dream of the Voyeurs
lewd dances like a prophecy, Celtic Rant

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