Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lip Piercing Lump White Whats This White Lump Behind My Lip Ring? (pic)?

Whats this white lump behind my lip ring? (pic)? - lip piercing lump white

My lips pierced 3rd August and a rope around the last few weeks. However, I have in front of the arch on the first hole, when it arrives. I tried to return to the first, but it seemed more difficult.

If the piece of scar tissue? Infection? Irritation of the skin can not hit the hole when set against the first place? it does not hurt, but he did not like are.

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Anonymous said...

I had the same problem and am at my piercer and he said it was an infection. I was forced to do so, but I was bored again a few months later. is the source of the salt water washed at least twice a day? if not, you should probably try for a few weeks and see if the infection goes away

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