Monday, February 22, 2010

Diy Hanging Pot Rack Centerpiece Help? Thanks?

Centerpiece Help? Thanks? - diy hanging pot rack

Option 1: Available on the website directly and without any cost: The circle mirror two tea lights, elegant and classic

Option 2: DIY, a touch of fantasy, lit centerpieces add purple is not blue ...

Orchids potted option 3, which turns white and purple on the tables

Option 4: Your suggestions:)

I like other forms of assistance, I am not a fan of floral Boquet, I think you are great, but they do not last and are better made. Floral tributes are rather simple, not more than 3 flowers

Colors: black, white and silver with a hint of purple, decorating, and decided: favors in silver trays, white lights on the ceiling, in various sizes in groups of three black and whitePhotos of us in the settings of silver.

Thank you for your imput

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