Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cubefield 2 Approved By School IPhone/iPod Touch App Idea?

IPhone/iPod Touch App Idea? - cubefield 2 approved by school

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how many people would like a game like this for the iPhone / iPod Touch to see? we would

comparable, but must use the accelorometer tilting left or right instead of buttons on the screen. we

I thought that somewhere between 2-4 dollar strengthened on the App Store to buy.

how many people bought this game at this price? (I wish the critics as well)

Thank you for ideas and criticism so much!


Hankerso... said...

I implore about 5.00 to 8.00, is addictive, so that I have an iPod touch buy

tiny_lil... said...

Not really, I have the touch screen of the iPod and Palm Treo touch screen and touch screens suck to suck seriously ..... I'm happy about it to my teenage niece cuz she is stupid to give, and I think it means ...... I prefer my nano fits in your pocket and not the accidental deletion of material, while in the pocket.

Aaron said...

This game was good, but not for 2-4 Mabey $ 99 cents and no key on my keyboard, but it is good

Jeanette said...

It would be fun to have on my iPod!

I would buy it. 1.99, as if only

Bloodz4L... said...

I play games like on my iPhone for .... Free

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