Friday, February 5, 2010

Itp Mud Tires For 2009 Grizzly Can I Put A Smaller Size ITP Mud Lite Tire On A 2009 Yamaha Gizzly 450?

Can i put a smaller size ITP mud lite tire on a 2009 yamaha gizzly 450? - itp mud tires for 2009 grizzly

I'm looing a 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 450 and, in some ITP Mud Lites XL. stardard size, they are accompanied 25x10x12 front and rear 25x8x12. Can I have a 23 or 24 or maybe even a 22 in IT for more power? And I can put the brand ITP tires on the wheels, the standard with the Yamaha? Please help me!

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george said...

I think we could go a little smaller ..... most men are bigger, but I think that means that are coupled to low range. (also losing ground clearance) during the first number is the same front and back will run. If one 24 in front and 23s in the rear wheel 4, the push and pull. Each brand has the tires work on rims, if they have the same .... Last number 12 in your case, that is the size of the rim. the average number may vary slightly, but remain close as possible

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