Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anti Spam Plugin For Is Spam Meant To Be Read Or Really Just Meant To Generate Sales Of Anti-spam Products?

Is spam meant to be read or really just meant to generate sales of anti-spam products? - anti spam plugin for

Someone thought it was so cheap, you spam, even if only 1% of recipients to buy what is sold, it is always advantageous to send it. However, I believe that a certain person bed with less than 1% of the spam they receive.

How do we really know that these posts know, with the expansion of the fund dubious drugs from Nigeria and other countries really the developers? Companies would be money for the anti-spam to make the secret behind most or all of the emails and send the profits of the anti-spam increase?


Gary said...

Spam may have begun to be ad-oriented, but today a lot of malware and phishing attacks target criminal elements, such as identity theft, botnet creation, etc.

For anti-spam company behind it - is questionable. I have never spent a penny on their products. I am using the free, there are tons of them available

Master K said...

Spam is only good in the box:)

Master K said...

Spam is only good in the box:)

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