Friday, January 1, 2010

Don Gardner Homes Anyone Built A House From A Don Gardner Plan?

Anyone Built a House From a Don Gardner Plan? - don gardner homes

I think a new house with a plan of the house of Don Gardner, "The Laurel". It shows the structure of the website of Don Gardner-Grips series W-270. The plans cost hundreds of dollars and even if I do not want to spend so much money, if you are sure that the plan is the perfect home for me. It is difficult to be a good idea to check the images on the Internet. Does anybody know where I can see real pictures of the interior and exterior of the house plan? Or even better, you know where I can see the real thing? I live on the coast of North Carolina.

Thank you for your help!

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☼ lovethesun11 said...

Not yet, but me and my friend is watching "The Church Down" by Don Gardner plans. We have tried different ways to find photos and / or someone's house nearby, where we live. The site gives no information about them is not (of course want someone to walk into my house and to ask and look around.) Good luck finding someone who has photos or home. If you find pictures or to learn are looking for a house, I know what you have!

Good luck! :)

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