Friday, January 29, 2010

Ps3 Upconversion Do I Need An UDMI Cable If I Don't Have Sattelite TV For HD?

Do I need an UDMI cable if I don't have sattelite TV for HD? - ps3 upconversion

I have a Samsung 37in LCD TV 1080p 60Hz My property is not high-definition signal. I spoke with DirecTV and ILM (the company that multi-dwelling units required to manage the wire or something, and I'm paying $ 5.95 mo.) And the property will be updated. And now what are my options for high-definition? Do I need HDMI cable to the blue beam to the DVD player or PS3 Upconvert? Like I said, I have DirecTV digital, but is there another way I can get and keep, the DirecTV HD?

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classics... said...

It is still necessary, or at least should use the HDMI upconversion DVD/Blu-Ray/PS3, regardless of whether you can get HD from the source.

You can probably see an antenna to receive radio stations in HD. You can also use DirecTV.

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