Monday, January 18, 2010

Tendonitis Pinky How Do You Heal Wrist Tendonitis?

How do you heal wrist tendonitis? - tendonitis pinky

My doctor told me that the most probable mild tendinitis in his left wrist, which related to stress and overwork. I have a pain in the ulnar or little finger of my wrist and the bones of the wrist, if I certain activities or move the wrist in certain directions. It hurts on my finger. How do I remove the pain and the burden of repair done on my wrist? I gave my wrist a break of almost a week, but I still have symptoms. How long have you see for wrist to heal? Thank you for your answer!

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mstess said...

Do you have a splint on the wrist? If not, one who does. Completely immobilize your wrist. You need ice and taking a anti-inflammitory. It can improve to 4-6 weeks.

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