Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank You Card To Surgeon Can My Insurance Company Pay For A Medical Examination Provided By A Civil Surgeon For Immigration Purposes?

Can my insurance company pay for a medical examination provided by a civil surgeon for immigration purposes? - thank you card to surgeon

I asked to be tested by a civil surgeon in the process of my green card. And I asked myself, can I change my group health insurance insuranbce this effort? Any similar experiences can help. Thank you!

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duoak said...

Depends. My husband had a similar experience. We have insurance but the insurance requires that we have designated a primary care physician (PCP), not the type of testing is required by immigration. If you have a PPC, you must see the PCP for everything and then a reference. The insurance and only for what is medically necessary and medically examined, which is not paid by immigration. He met a doctor who is specialized in such things, and we pay about $ 150 from his pocket.

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