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Healthy Mouth Mouthwash Is It Possible To Get A Fungal Infection Of The Vagina Through Oral Sex With A Healthy Male?

Is it possible to get a fungal infection of the vagina through oral sex with a healthy male? - healthy mouth mouthwash

I have my girlfriend oral sex after a spicy Indian food, and the doctor said that the presence of bacteria in the mouth after eating spicy food from my mouth to her vagina and removed was increased in order to develop a yeast infection is. They gave a cream and anti-fungal medications advised and me use mouthwash before the oral sex in the future. Has anyone heard of this problem?


munchie said...

I had the same purpose, such as yogurt

I don't believe it! said...

I suspect, is a fungal infection, if any bacteria are destroyed, that have acted as an antiseptic Curry, the killing of the natural bacterium into another in the vagina, leading to mold growth. It is also possible that you also have thrush.

iain said...

The fungus is called "albicans" and of course women
Facilities. The mouthwash should the people after the fact and
not before. The mouthwash is sold without a prescription
Pharmacy, buy a bottle. Unfortunately not say to the name
Mouthwash, but I think it should require no more
This site, on the other hand, I am not a doctor. Pharmacists

Polo said...

Maybe ... at what temperature it was ......... may depend, spicy Indian food, I mean!

Eddy said...

Yes, usually saliva in the mouth is able to disinfect the mouth and kill bacteria, but sometimes it is not alone, and therefore we have passed down orally mouthwash and other things that use infection can go both directions.

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185 said...

Thanks for the advice

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