Monday, January 25, 2010

C&c Home Made Cages I'm Looking To Make A C&c Cage?

I'm looking to make a c&c cage? - c&c home made cages

The problem is that I can not find Coroplast. Suggestions on where to find them, no Home Depot, because they do not exist, or a substitute material


Mudd said...

If you can not find, a piece of coroplast piece of linoleum from Home Depot and Lowe's are using. Otherwise, if the bank does not coroplast, not everything - you can do at some local shops signs and see if they have record sales.
shows not only how to make the cage with coroplast, but as with linoleum. Some people prefer that, apart from the easier to find. The page also has a Store Locator for the cube and coroplast - has been updated, and still works.

Zebra said...

Bed Bath and Beyond!

I bought it for $ 14.99

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