Sunday, January 3, 2010

Congratulation Baby Wording The In Laws Are Terribly Disapointed With The "awful" News!?

The in laws are terribly disapointed with the "awful" news!? - congratulation baby wording

I do not know if anyone else in the laws that every time prega and can not even pronounce the word "Congratulations" - but he insists on me really, because I see and get quoted on a journey carry, and they hate me for children. I love my husbThey not come to our house for birthday parties, and insist that we eat with them, but really just want to see us all at once, so you can ignore and play the child of all time I have a show. I will not visit my husband to one or two children - the need for us all. I must see them at Easter and it is unfortunate - it is something negative to appear on the baby and my sister probably because they are so disappointed with our choice. Married Adults adults're - why they act like that? How will I cope with stress on Easter Sunday, when I'm pregnant? I'm so angry.


Jackie M said...

How to handle? It takes into account that others only "you" if you let it. They know that they do not speak not happy with the pregnancy, so. If they are not mentioned, and not a positive comment, tell them you are not interested in participating and that the problem is not for discussion or comment. Then smile and change the subject.

Also, if you an adult and happy and confident in the choice, why your thoughts and comments you get?
Are you still looking for their approval? Pride with her husband and their children and show them stand, what a loving family in question. Do not let that someone dictate to you.

Why did not her husband or to defend against them? And finally, why you put yourself or your children in a position to abused or neglected? This is not at all healthy.

Did she calls the holiday, and if you are not even on, it's your choice! Enjoy the day with family and friends, and faithful to meurselves!

Good luck!
Jackie M

Ironball said...

Who are the children here?

Ironball said...

Who are the children here?

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