Saturday, January 9, 2010

Army Dity Move Are Army Dity Moves Taxable While In Same Month As Deployment?

Are army Dity moves taxable while in same month as deployment? - army dity move

My husband is returning from a deployment of the (in this month of December) We are trying to decide weather to move in late December or early January. Since December, "Tax Free" implementation is the movement Diti, if we go in December? Basically, I want to know if we will all our progress in December are free, or we have to pay taxes, even if it in December.
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remember... said...

Military pay (income) for the implementation may be exempt from taxes and duties are still carried out for the year, including the cost of Diti made in December.

But do not pay other payment, other than work or money Diti as military, and is taxable, regardless of whether he or she would win.

I suggest you stop in front of Diti until January. This year, much of their income would be as non-taxable, which puts him in a lower tax bracket. Any punishment, not save much in taxes. Next year, when full payment is taxable, you will be in support of higher taxes and penalties that you have more than net tax savings.

It is also planned for January will allow you to send a Christmas and New Year's without the hassle of moving. You need some time to rest. Let sit, drink beer and watch football. And kiss her.

lelani said...

Move to January, leaving in addition to the fight against the approval, without paying tax when annual leave under the. However, you must obtain a permit to transport permissive anyway. You do not pay taxes in December. but most often the army and all this will cost you a cent until someone meet the appropriate procedures.

Susan said...

Since Diti trains are not part of an "introduction" process and is a fully independent right to be taxed, the rate is 28% - if it is done in December or January

Mrsjvb said...

no. Diti Fund are tax-free NO. Salary exempt from tax, if a designated combat zone.

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