Saturday, January 30, 2010

Porcelain Figurine With Crossed Arrows I Have A Porcelain Figurine Can You Tell Me What It Is ?

I have a porcelain figurine can you tell me what it is ? - porcelain figurine with crossed arrows

It has a clock with the name of gauze. The markings on the floor are two crossed arrows.
DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS arrows? Or I can say that the search for a site has a list of brands.


Love2Sew said...

The two crossed arrows Meissen (Germany). Flornes no mention of the name, unless it can), the artist (town sign their works.

resortcaroline, hedonistic, 18 said...

The library will have a book about the music, sounds, 1880 Continental, but I lost my regard pounds, WH Smith also refers pounds for ceramics and porcelain.

Harold T said...

I do not sing

nemodelm... said...

Time clocks or whatever, a similar position, read the description, all times are to be seen experts and suppliers and find the brands and the value of this element. Good luck.

CYNDIITA said... ... --

Ya-sai said... ...

Check out this HP and good luck

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